Coffee Gift Baskets

For a gift that’s sure to be appreciated and enjoyed, coffee gift baskets are hard to top. While you can order pre-assembled coffee themed gift baskets online, why not add a personal touch by creating your own? Not sure what to include? With these ideas, your gift basket is sure to be a hit:
Gourmet Coffee Beans: If the recipient is a stickler for a particular region or blend, don’t vary in your selection. For those who like to experiment with different varieties, choose an eclectic assortment of gourmet coffee beans. Here’s a guideline of coffee regions to help with your selection:

  • Central and South American regions: Lighter, sweeter blends
  • African regions: Medium blends with exotic undertones
  • Asian, Indonesian, and Pacific regions: Heavy blends and earthy flavors

Coffee Grinder: This is a must-have for any coffee lover; be sure to select a model with favorable consumer reviews.

Sweet Treats: Your coffee lover friend is sure to enjoy a sweet accompaniment to his everyday cup of joe. Ideal coffee basket goodies include chocolates, biscotti, cookies, sweet breads, and muffins.

Coffee Mug: For an extra special touch, include a coffee mug with a personalized message,treasured photo,inspirational verse, or humorous quote. For coffee lovers on the move, a high-quality travel mug is sure to be appreciated.

Entertainment: To make coffee breaks a little more enjoyable, consider including a CD, novel, or magazine in your coffee basket.

Perfect for any occasion, a coffee themed gift basket is sure to bring a smile. Enjoy creating a pretty, practical, and personalized presentation for your java-loving friend or family member.

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