Coffee Shop Furniture

Coffee shop furniture can encompass virtually any style: sleek modern lines, ultra plush fabrics, rustic wood, supple leather, retro fiberglass and chrome, and much more. It’s best to select furnishings and décor that will complement your establishment’s theme. Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Cowboy Themed/Western: Slab tables with bench seating, cowhide print leather chairs with matching ottomans, and rustic, wrought iron side tables all complement the western theme.

Italian Themed Coffee Shop Décor: To complement a menu of specialty Italian espresso drinks and pastries, an Italian-themed coffee shop incorporates decorative accents like brightly colored Tuscan biscotti jars, wall tapestries, and tiled side tables.

Nature Inspired Coffee Shop Décor: To bring the great outdoors in, choose tables fashioned from reclaimed wood, rough hewn benches, rock pavers, and one-of-a-kind decorative accents created by local artists.

Regardless of the theme of your coffee shop, the furniture should be arranged to meet the needs of sit-down clientele. It’s a great idea to have distinctive seating arrangements that will accommodate:

  • Wireless Internet users
  • Patrons who want to read (plush seating and adequate lighting)
  • Customers who are seeking privacy
  • Large groups holding meetings

When purchasing furniture for your coffee shop, invest in the highest quality tables and chairs you can afford, as they will last longer and need less maintenance. Also, for liability reasons, be sure to purchase only commercial-grade furnishings. Finally, when arranging furniture, be sure that it’s spaced in accordance with ADA accessibility and fire marshal code guidelines.

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