Costa Rica Coffee

Costa Rica Coffee – Slightly acidic, enriched with volcanic ash, and teeming with organic matter, Costa Rican soil is ideal for growing coffee. Paired with favorable altitude, rainfall, and relative humidity, it’s no wonder Costa Rica is one of the most prized regions in the world for coffee production.

As the number one cash crop and number three export, coffee is serious business in Costa Rica. The country takes great measures to protect the environment and conserve resources. Coffee plantations use insecticides sparingly, and practice shade growing to not only prevent soil erosion, but to benefit from the natural compost and rich organic matter provided by tree leaves.

Coffee from Costa Rica is primarily harvested from the following growing regions:

Brunca region: Located in the southern part of Costa Rica, this region is characterized by mountains, rivers, and a wide variety of micro climates. Grown in this region are Caturra and Catuai varieties (100% Arabica).

Guanacaste region: Made up of the Alajuela, Guanacaste, and Puntarenas provinces, this region is characterized by two distinct seasons – dry and rainy. A favorite of Costa Rican coffee connoisseurs, rich volcanic soil produces smooth, well-balanced coffee.

Central Valley region: This region consists of the San Jose, Heredia, and Alajuela provinces. Here, soil is enriched by the Irazu, Barva, and Poas volcanoes, producing an outstanding mixture that’s most favorable for coffee bean plantations.

If you’re new to Costa Rican coffee and not sure which region to try, why not purchase a sampling of coffees from each region? While sample sized bags are available in ground or whole bean varieties, it’s always best to grind the beans yourself to ensure the freshest possible flavor. Experimenting with coffee from different regions is a fun and flavorful way to expand your palette and enhance your coffee drinking enjoyment.

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