Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets

Looking for a special gift for the coffee lover in your life? A gourmet coffee gift basket is sure to please. While ready made gourmet coffee gift baskets are widely available online, you may find that it’s more fun, personal, and budget-friendly to assemble a custom basket yourself. Here are a few suggested items to include:

Flavored Coffee and Premium Coffee Beans: If the java junky is a stickler for particular flavors, blends, or regions, be sure to purchase their favorites. For those who are open to trying new flavors, include a variety of gourmet beans.

Liquor: For coffee lovers who enjoy an alcoholic addition to their brews, Irish whiskey, amaretto, chocolate liqueur, Kahlua, and crème liquors are excellent accompaniments to their favorite brews.

Gourmet Pods: If the coffee lover on your gift list has a single cup machine and you know what type of pod it accepts, be sure to include an assortment of pods in the gift basket.

Chocolate Spoons: These are a tasty addition for coffee lovers who have a sweet tooth. Buy a few or make your own by dipping plastic spoons into melted chocolate.

Thermal Coffee Mug: For coffee lovers with long commutes, a thermal coffee mug is sure to be appreciated. Consider a no-spill travel cup with double-wall insulation.

French Press: This nifty appliance offers hands-on brewing experience and a fresh, flavorful, cup every time.

Tasty Treats: While many gourmet coffee baskets include biscotti and scones, there’s no reason to limit your choices to these standard selections. Slip in a few gourmet chocolate bars, cordial cherries, or even a tin of homemade cookies.

With so many gourmet coffees and coffee gift items available, it’s fun and easy to create a personalized gift basket that’s perfectly suited to your recipient. While the gift items are sure to bring a smile, the thought that went into the basket is sure to warm the heart.

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