Gourmet Coffee Gifts

Quickly becoming just as popular as wine gifts for hostesses and housewarmings, gourmet coffee gifts make an ideal all-purpose gift for any occasion. If there’s a coffee aficionado on your gift list, here are a few budget-friendly gourmet gift ideas that are sure to garner appreciation:

Gift Cards: For a simple gift, slip a gift card to his favorite caffeinated establishment inside a new book, magazine, or greeting card.

Thermal Coffee Mug: For on-the-go coffee lovers, a thermal coffee mug is sure to go over well. Opt for an ultra-sleek, no-spill design with double wall insulation.

French Press: This appliance allows coffee lovers to enjoy a single serving of precisely brewed coffee in no time. Coffee experts argue that this hands-on approach to coffee making produces the freshest, most robust brews.

Italian Coffee Makers: For espresso lovers, a stovetop Italian Moka Pot is at the top of the list. With this innovative appliance, he can whip up a serving of piping hot espresso in minutes.

Coffee Mug Warmers: With a coffee mug warmer, he’ll always have a piping mug of coffee within easy reach. Choose an electric model that plugs into a standard outlet, or a warmer that comes equipped with a USB cable that can be plugged into a laptop or desktop computer.

Coffee Club Membership: For a gift that can be savored year-round, purchase a membership to a gourmet coffee club. The recipient will be treated to coffee gifts every month for 3, 6, or 12-month increments.

With so many gourmet gifts available, you can treat your java-loving friend or family member to a different gift for every occasion. Enjoy sharing these thoughtful and flavorful gifts to perk up the coffee lover in your life.

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