Large Coffee Mugs

If you’re a serious coffee drinker and find that a standard 6-8 ounce cup just doesn’t cut it, an oversized coffee mug might be in order. Designed to enhance your sipping experience, jumbo coffee mugs typically hold 12 ounces or more of your favorite brew. If you’re new to oversized mugs, here are a few pointers that will help you select the perfect vessel:

Handle Style: 12 ounces of coffee is considerably heavier than eight, so be sure to select an oversized coffee mug with a handle that’s up to the challenge. Look for a mug with a thick, four-finger grip.

Opening: If you’re more of a sipper than a guzzler, you’ll want an oversized coffee mug with a smaller opening that will help retain heat. Or, if you have limited time to enjoy your coffee and want to be able to drink it quickly, look for a cup with a large opening that will expose more of the coffee’s surface to the elements, allowing it to cool in accordance with your coffee break.

Base: 12 ounces of spilled coffee makes twice the mess of six ounces, so be sure to select an oversized coffee mug with a stable, hefty base.

Insulation: If you’ll be enjoying your extra large coffee on the go, opt for an insulated coffee mug. Before buying, make sure your car or stroller cup holder will accommodate the mug.

Design: For added fun, choose a large coffee mug with a whimsical design, funny saying, or one that’s personalized with your favorite photo.

Once you’ve experienced the joy of a large coffee mug, you’ll be tempted to donate all of your junior-sized counterparts. Enjoy your new (and soon-to-be favorite) coffee mug.

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