Office Coffee Maker

Having an abundant supply of fresh coffee is essential in the workplace, so it’s important that you choose an office coffee maker that will meet this demand. While office coffee makers serve the same function as their residential counterparts, there are additional features to consider when choosing an appliance for a place of business:

  • Durability. Residential coffee makers aren’t designed to keep up with the daily demands of numerous employees, so be sure to choose an office coffee maker that’s designed specifically for commercial use. Constructed from especially durable plastics and metals, these hardy models can withstand pot-after-pot brews, and will also endure more thorough (and frequent) cleanings than home-rated machines.

  • Speed. Unless you want your employees or guests to stand around with cups in hand waiting for their morning coffee, choose an office coffee maker that will brew quickly. Typically, commercial use coffee pots make an average of 9-10 pots per hour.

  • Convenience. For less mess, you may want to consider an office coffee maker that’s plumbed directly into the water supply. With a plumbed coffee maker, there’s no need to manually pour water into the machine, so making a fresh pot is as simple as changing the filter, adding coffee, and flipping a switch.
  • Capacity. When choosing an office coffee maker, look for a model with a multi-pot feature that will allow you to have both regular and decaffeinated varieties at the ready. While some office coffee makers feature simultaneous brewing of more than one pot at a time, others have a single brewing station with multiple heating surfaces.
  • Taste. Durability, speed, convenience, and capacity mean nothing if the resulting brew isn’t up to par. Be sure to choose an office coffee maker that will consistently deliver a great-tasting pot of coffee.

Before deciding on an office coffee maker, check out the reviews and ratings of all models you’re considering. While the coffee maker is the focal appliance of any office, it can also be a source of complaints and grumbles, so be sure to choose a coffee maker that will keep up with the demands of your employees or guests.

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