One Cup Coffee Maker

A one-cup coffee maker is a great choice for single coffee drinker households, for those who enjoy only an occasional cup of coffee, or for people who love gourmet coffee but don’t want the hassle of grinding beans and cleaning up after a full pot. So, which type of single cup coffee maker is right for you? Let’s take a look at the three main varieties:

  • Keurig Brewers: These use pre-measured cups of gourmet coffee, tea, and cocoa called K-Cups, and can also be used to produce hot water for making cocoa packets, teas, and instant soups.
  • Pod Brewers: Regardless of the manufacturer, all pod brewers function essentially the same way. Designed with water reservoirs, they accept pre-measured packets of coffee called pods. Each pod contains a single serving of coffee wrapped in a material that functions as a filter. While the brewing process is a cinch, choosing the correct pods can be a dilemma there are several sizes available, many of which are not interchangeable between different brands of brewers.

  • Tassimo Brewers: These types of coffee makers accept T-Discs, pre-measured packets of coffee, tea, chocolate, or concentrated milk for making lattes and cappuccinos. Currently, Braun and Bosch manufacture T-Disc brewers.

While a single cup coffee maker offers a high level of convenience, there are a couple of disadvantages to consider before making a purchase:

  • Limited selection. With a one cup coffee maker, your choice of coffee is limited to those that are available in pod, K-Cup, or T-Disc format.
  • Price. While coffee from a single cup coffee maker is a bargain compared to the coffee shop counterpart, it’s considerably more expensive than a traditional drip brewer. Here’s what you can expect to pay per serving:
  • Pod and K-Cup: $.40
  • T-Disc: $.56 for single cup coffee and $1.12 per cappuccino

Before choosing a one cup coffee maker, be sure to check on the price and availability of the type of coffee accepted by the machine you’re considering. Also, it’s a great idea to read some consumer reviews before making a final decision.

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