Spill Proof Coffee Mugs

If you’re an on-the-go coffee drinker, it’s likely that you’ve had a frustrating experience with a leaking or dribbling travel mug. The sipping mechanism varies from mug to mug, each offering its own degree of leak protection. Travel mugs with open holes offer the least spill resistance, while those with holes covered by a liftable tab are a close second. For a truly leak proof sipping experience, you must invest in a spill proof coffee mug.

Spill proof mugs are available in two popular designs:

  • Internal Chamber Spill Proof Mugs. Mugs with an internal chamber open and close when a button on the handle or cover is pressed, permitting the flow of liquid.
  • Screw Down Cover Spill Proof Mugs. Spill proof mugs with screw down covers feature a 1″ or 2″ raised lip surrounding the cover. Twisting the cover half open permits the flow of coffee into the surrounding lip where it can be sipped, similar to drinking from a cup.

While each design offers superior spill protection, there are factors to consider before purchasing:

Ease of Cleaning: Mugs with internal chambers are difficult to clean, especially if creamer or milk products are used. Spill proof coffee mugs with screw down covers offer more thorough, simpler cleaning.

Ease of Use: Many spill proof mugs with internal chambers can be easily operated with one hand, while those with screw down covers require two hands for drinking.

Regardless of the design you choose, expect to pay $25 and up for a spill proof mug. While the price tag may be steep, here’s a little good news that will make you feel better about splurging: with dry cleaning at $7.00 per item and coffee at $2.00 a refill, you’ll recoup the cost in no time.

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