Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs

For serious coffee drinkers, choosing the right mug is almost as important as selecting the right bean. Most on-the-go coffee drinkers agree that stainless steel is an excellent choice. Prized for their resistance to stains and odors, ease of cleaning, durability, and heat retention abilities, stainless steel mugs are fast surpassing their plastic counterparts. If you’re in the market for a stainless steel coffee mug, here are a few things to consider:

Vacuum Seal: While not all stainless steel mugs have a vacuum seal, you may want to consider this feature if you live in a very cold climate or if need your coffee to stay hot for several hours.

One-hand operation: Some stainless steel mugs are equipped with a click open/click closed mechanism that covers the drinking hole between sips. Before buying, make sure that you can comfortably operate this mechanism with one hand.

Handle, or no? While some find a handle cumbersome, others couldn’t live without this feature. If you’re purchasing a handled variety, make sure the handle and drinking hole align properly (at 9:00 and 6:00 respectively, if you’re a righty), and that the handle will slip into your cup holder with ease.

Size matters. To properly fit into a cup holder, choose a stainless steel coffee mug that is 2-1/2″ in diameter or less. Some mugs have a narrow base but a flared, bulky body, and are prone to tipping if not nestled snugly in the cup holder. Examine your vehicle’s cup holder and determine what height and shape will work best.

To get the best performance from a stainless steel coffee mug, be sure to pre-warm the interior before filling. To do this, fill it with warm tap water and dump it out. Refill with warm tap water and let sit for a few minutes while your coffee brews.

Stainless steel mugs are a great way to enhance your sipping experience. Before buying, check out owner reviews to see what others have to say about the brands you are considering.

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