Unique Coffee Mugs

If you’re a serious coffee drinker, it’s likely that a mug is a permanent extension of your hand. While a run-of-the-mill coffee mug certainly serves its purpose, why not express your personal style and add some extra fun to our daily indulgence? Here are a few fun ideas to get you started:

Morphing Mugs: Printed with a layer of heat sensitive ink, the morphing mug will reveal a design when hot coffee is added.

Pull the Trigger Mugs: Perfect for hunters and gun enthusiasts-or for anyone who likes to kill a little time on coffee breaks- Pull the Trigger mugs feature a handle with a gold or platinum plated trigger.

Taste Selector Mugs: If you’re tired of telling people how you like your coffee, let this mug handle the task for you! To use, simply slide bands to reveal Milk, Black, or Light along with sugar selection. Never again be disappointed by a not made-to-order cup of coffee again.

Dunker Mugs: Do you love to dunk but don’t want to bother with a plate? Dunker mugs offer the perfect solution for this common coffee dilemma. Simply slide a short stack of your favorite goodies into the base of the cup, and enjoy!

Anamorphic Cups: Perfect for those who enjoy a little visual word play, anamorphic cups boast a polished mirror finish that cleverly reflects distorted images or words printed on the saucer.

Unique coffee mugs are a great gift idea for the coffee enthusiast in your life. For an extra special gift, include a few unique coffee mugs in a Coffee Lovers Gift Basket and top off with bags of gourmet beans, magazines, cookies, and fresh pastries.

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