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Best Coffee Grinder – Most coffee lovers agree that when it comes to enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee, there’s no substitute for grinding your own beans. While you’ll find a commercial coffee grinder in the coffee aisle of nearly every grocery store, a fresher alternative is to grind your beans as you need them using a home coffee grinder.

Coffee grinders are classified as either blade or burr, depending on how they grind. The most common and economical variety, blade grinders use a spinning blade similar to a food processor to grind beans. Burr grinders operate similar to a pepper mill, grinding a few beans at a time between grooved metal discs.

The best way to select a coffee grinder is to base the grind in accordance with your coffee maker. Espresso machine owners may prefer the fine grind produced by burr machines, while the coarser grind of blade grinders makes them ideal for French press makers. Automatic-drip coffee machines, which don’t require a fine or perfectly consistent grind, perform well with coffee that’s ground in either a blade or burr grinder.

Whether you choose a burr or blade model, it’s a great idea to read coffee grinder reviews to learn about the performance, usability, and reliability of different models, as well as a side-by-side comparison of coffee grinder features. Some helpful features to consider include:

  • Timers:¬†Coffee grinders with timers are handy – just set to your grind specifications and walk away.
  • Dosers:¬†Dosers, or receptacles that hold ground coffee, are a nice feature for those who enjoy several espresso shots throughout the day.

An essential fixture of any coffee lover’s kitchen, coffee grinders serve as an outstanding gift idea for coffee enthusiasts. Present one as a stand-alone gift, or include a coffee gift basket stocked with gourmet beans and delectable bakery treats.

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