Italian Coffee

In Italy, there are almost as many types of coffee as there are pastas, and gourmet Italian coffee is no exception. Typically brewed in either an espresso machine or Italian Moka coffee pot, Italian coffee is served hot, strong, and in small, 2-oz. sized servings.

In Italy, you can specify how you would like your coffee made by ordering a “Caffe Americano” or a “Café Ristretto.” A Café Americano (also called a Caffe Lungo), changes your “short” coffee into a “long” coffee by adding more water, resulting in a weaker brew. On the other hand, a Café Ristretto uses less water to produce a concentrated coffee.

Gourmet Italian coffee is often ordered with additions, such as:

  • Caffe con panna: Espresso with whipped cream
  • Caffe con zucchero: Espresso with sugar
  • Caffe latte: Espresso with hot milk
  • Caffe coretto: Espresso with a dash of liquor
  • Caffe marocchino: Espresso with a dash of hot milk and cocoa powder

At home, you can savor gourmet Italian coffee whenever you like. Choose robust blends to capture the essence of southern Italian coffees; for northern regions, look to lighter varieties. To enjoy traditional Italian coffee, grind beans immediately prior to brewing, and make in either an espresso machine or a stovetop Italian Moka coffee pot.

For hostess gifts, gourmet Italian coffee is becoming just as popular as Italian wine. Present a pound of gourmet coffee beans upon arriving at your next dinner party, and you’re sure to receive an invitation to return.

Experiment with various coffee blends, equipment, and additions to develop your own custom Italian coffee drink. Enjoy your beverage as a stand-alone treat, or savor with a decadent puff pastry.

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