Jamaican Coffee

For most people, Jamaica conjures images of beaches and vacation resorts. But for coffee enthusiasts, the country represents the finest, most sought after coffee beans in the world.

Harvested from the Blue Mountains on the eastern island near Kingston, Jamaican Blue coffee is one of the most expensive varieties available. Currently selling at more than $40 a pound, this extremely rare coffee bean only grows at 7,500 feet above sea level, and is farmed by a handful of small, locally owned coffee plantations in very limited quantities.

Prized for its lack of bitterness and clean, sweet flavor, Jamaican Blue coffee is regarded as the highest graded gourmet coffee in the world, rivaled only by the region’s other coffee varieties: High Mountain Supreme, Jamaica Prime, and Jamaica Select.

Jamaican Blue Coffee is widely available online. When purchasing, be sure that you’re buying coffee that’s been qualified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica; otherwise, you may receive beans that were not actually grown in the Blue Mountain Region. Most Jamaican Blue Coffee sells for around $40 a pound, so if you see it advertised for significantly less, chances are you’ll be getting knock-off coffee beans.

Coffee enthusiasts agree that Jamaican Blue Coffee is a must-try for all coffee lovers, even if only a once in a lifetime indulgence. For your next special occasion, why not treat yourself or the coffee lover on your list to a pound of Jamaican Coffee? While the price tag may be a little steep, the enjoyment of savoring a cup of the world’s finest coffee makes it worthwhile.

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