Custom Coffee Mugs

Looking for an economical, creative way to promote your business? Custom coffee mugs may fit the bill perfectly. While there are many online and brick-and-mortar retailers that can help with the design of your custom coffee mug, there are a few pointers to consider when choosing your design:

Brand Coffee Mugs: To increase brand awareness, a simple custom coffee mug in your company’s colors-complete with company logo and contact information-is an excellent all-around choice. You can present customized coffee mugs to new-hires and current clients, or as trade show giveaways.

Slogan Coffee Mugs: These are a great way to capitalize on your company’s slogan or catchphrase and extend the life of advertising. Disperse slogan coffee mugs at the end of a TV, radio, social media, or print advertising campaign.

Commemorative Coffee Mugs: Did your company sponsor a community event, fund a charity, or support a local school or church? Get the word out about your company’s good works with a custom coffee mug that commemorates this special event.

Website Mugs: Has your company recently launched a new website or blog, or would you like to connect with clients on Facebook or Twitter? Consider creating a custom coffee mug featuring your website URL along with your Facebook and Twitter handles, and give them away as prizes to online customers.

New Product Mugs: Custom coffee mugs are a great way to let clients know about new products or services that have been added to your business line-up. Present them at business luncheons, as trade show giveaways, or ship to current clients.

Custom coffee mugs are a great way to keep your contact information in front of current and potential clients. If your business is new to ordering promotional materials, look for a retailer that will offer a “new customer” discount and/or volume discounts.

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